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Good Earth Food Co-Op

Good Earth Food Co-Op St. Cloud

The Good Earth Food Co-op was established more than 50 years ago with a mission driven by their commitment to improving our local community through enhancing sustainability, fostering community ownership, and nurturing partnerships with local producers. They pride themselves on offering products that are organic, non-GMO, and environmentally friendly.

“Unlike many commercial grocery stores, we prioritize local products,” shared GM Cerise Hahn, “bringing you an authentic selection of goods directly sourced from the surrounding community in Central Minnesota. We believe firmly in strengthening local producers and are proud to partner with numerous talented local businesses, producers, and artisans.”

st cloud locally grown groceries“Being part of the business community in Central Minnesota has been an enriching experience. We are grateful for the tight-knit community of supporters and the plethora of local producers and artisans right here in our backyard. The Greater St. Cloud and Central MN community plays an integral role in the growth and prosperity of The Good Earth Food Co-op.”

Ongoing support for local farming, artisanal production, and ethical sourcing contribute enormously to the co-op’s success. By choosing The Good Earth Food Co-op for daily or occasional purchases, patrons help to sustain an environment where growers, makers, and independents can flourish.

“Our local community encourages The Good Earth Food Co-op in various ways. Through the availability of locally and ethically produced items, they enable us to uphold our commitment to supporting local businesses. The passion in our community for fresh, locally sourced, and sustainable products allows for growth and shapes our product offerings. By continuing to support The Good Earth Food Co-op our community allows us to create a space where their purchases make a difference, fueling an economy that rewards quality, authenticity, and sustainability. This shared vision between the community and our cooperative creates an impactful story and fosters a thriving local food system.”

The Good Earth Food Co-op proudly partners with a variety of exceptional local businesses, producers, and artisans. A few of these include:

  • Good Earth Food CoOp“Backwards Bread Company in St. Cloud, MN, a fixture of our community, provides us with handmade, high-quality bread, reflecting the shared values of careful craftsmanship, and local engagement.
  • Muggsy's Beans also from St. Cloud, is known for their lovingly roasted, responsibly-sourced coffee which adds an invigorating flavor to our store—and to our day.
  • Fox Farms Pork in Browerville, MN, allows us to offer our shoppers ethically raised, flavorful, pork produced in harmony with the land.
  • Prairie Drifter Farm based in Litchfield, MN helps us stock fresh, organically grown, seasonal produce reflecting the bounty and beauty of our region.
  • Purple Prairie Botanicals in Clearwater, MN allows us to give our customers access to all-natural soaps, lotions, and skincare products, crafted with respect for the earth and individuals' well-being.

Through these partnerships and many more like them, The Good Earth Food Co-op exhibits a powerful commitment to supporting local businesses and enhancing the integrity of our food system. "Our local producers' contributions not only foster a strong, sustainable local economy but also provide our shoppers with incredibly fresh, flavorful, and ethical items right in their own neighborhood store.”

“Being an integral part of the community and watching families grow over the past half-century has been hugely rewarding. We cherish the personal connections we've made with our customers - it's these relationships that make our work feel more like being part of a big family. We aspire to grow and thrive, and in doing so, incorporate even more local producers to support our community. We stick steadfastly to our commitment to sustainability, community ownership, and local partnerships, as we continue our journey to make local, healthy, and sustainable foods accessible to all.”