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INDY Foundation

INDY Foundation

The INDY Foundation is a Minnesota-based non-profit organization committed to directly supporting local cancer warriors and their families through love, faith, and financial support. INDY was born in 2017 after Kayla’s late husband, Kyle Strand lost his battle with cancer. INDY - an acronym for I’m Not Done Yet was part of his dying wish: to continue giving back to those in the midst of a cancer battle. A beautiful way Kyle’s legacy continues to live on. Just two weeks after Kyle’s passing, INDY was formed as a 501c3 nonprofit and has since evolved into a flourishing organization supporting cancer warriors throughout Minnesota. 

“Every month, INDY sponsors two Minnesotan cancer warriors,” shared Kayla. “One INDY Warrior (age 18+) and one Little INDY Warrior (under 18) by giving them the resources and financial support they need and adopting them into the INDY family. More than monetary support, we give each cancer warrior and their families INDY gear, a check, and a video on our website highlighting their journey.”

48cbeae5-f5d5-421f-b92f-785443e2714e-Indy_1While INDY is a community of its own, giving back and keeping money in our communities is a pillar of its programs. “INDY was founded in Minnesota and values keeping donation money local. By giving back to our roots, we can spread the message of faith and love to a wider audience. INDY directly supports cancer warriors and their families, but we also give back to Minnesota's hospitals and cancer centers, partner with Minnesotan fixtures like the Grand View Lodge, and extend a helping hand in times of extreme duress via the INDY Emergency Fund. Minnesota was there for us when we were in need. Now it's our turn to give back.” In addition to keeping dollars in MN, INDY promises to “listen to, acknowledge, and support all cancer warriors—any age, income, or diagnosis—every step of the way.”

INDY is the only non-profit in Minnesota dedicated to servicing all cancer warriors with any and all types of cancer. “We don't require you to complete endless paperwork or meet specific criteria to prove you or your loved one deserves support. Age, income, and diagnosis shouldn't prevent anyone from receiving the care and support they need while battling cancer.”

“We know from experience that no one can beat cancer alone—and we make sure that you don't have to. INDY welcomes all cancer warriors with open arms. Cancer changes the lives of everyone it touches. Even in remission, cancer warriors may still struggle to get their needs met, pay medical bills, and return to a sense of "normal" at home or in their community. That's why INDY sticks around even after your Warrior Month has ended. Even after you beat cancer. Because we believe all cancer warriors deserve to connect with people who understand their situation—and that love and support should never be transactional.”

Like so many organizations in Greater St. Cloud, INDY is all about connecting and collaborating. “We partner with the Randy Shaver Foundation to distribute backpacks across the state of Minnesota to cancer centers and hospitals. We also partner with local businesses to provide events that promote connection, support, and awareness around cancer. We have partnered with many local businesses in various capacities and each one has brought awareness and growth to INDY Foundation. It really comes full circle, because the places that you are shopping, dining, and supporting locally are, in turn, supporting local nonprofits like INDY so that we are able to help individuals in our communities.” 

As a non-profit, INDY relies heavily on donations and fundraising. Each year, they host three major fundraisers, including: 

  • Babes, Wine, & Galentines: This February event is a fun night out for the ladies to shop and watch INDY Warriors walk the runway as well as some special celebrity guests. Save the date for February 8, 2024
  • Bowties & Arrows Gala: Their largest fundraiser held in March, is a black-tie affair with live music, games, an auction, and a ton of fun. This event is typically attended by 500 people throughout MN. Save the date for March 23, 2024
  • INDY Birthday Par-Tee & Golf Tournament: A summer celebration filled with fun for the whole family held at Coyote Moon & Territory Golf Course. Save the date for August 5, 2024 


“In addition to our events, we have sponsors that support our mission; we couldn’t possibly do what we do without them. We also have various events that others put on throughout the year, from ATV rides to bean bag tournaments. and more. Many of these events are put on by past INDY warrior families and people who have personally been affected by cancer and want to make a difference.” You can support INDY by sharing and raising awareness for their mission, attending an event, nominating a warrior, donating to their programs, or shopping INDY gear.

“Being part of the Central MN community is humbling. Business owners, friends, volunteers, and even complete strangers have wrapped their arms around INDY and helped us flourish beyond what we could ever imagine. It really is a great community to be a part of. The support is amazing. From the donors, the sponsors, and INDY supporters, we wouldn’t be what we are today without all of them. The community engagement and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in our growth and development initiatives.”

And those community supporters and connections have been instrumental in INDY’s growth and success. “As INDY has grown, so has our volunteer base. We have a core group of volunteers who meet monthly to plan and execute our events. It is a lot of work from fundraising, collecting, and organizing all that goes into the events. The friendships and connections within INDY are strong and help to contribute to the success. We are invested in supporting and connecting. It has been such an incredible journey. If anyone is interested in volunteer opportunities, let can visit”

Each year as we look at our strategic plans, we smile because the INDY impact is amazing. Never in a million years, did I think we would help over 5,000 warriors and donate more than $270,000 in just six years. I have to believe Kyle would be proud of the impact he continues to leave. If you know someone who is battling cancer and could use support, please have them apply and/or nominate them on our website.