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Global Scale, Central Minnesota Solution

How Advanced Interconnect Technologies Focuses on the Big Picture

Advanced Interconnect Technologies (AIT) provides manufacturing services and technical design assistance to the military, defense, commercial air, and space markets with a focus on advanced interconnect and connectivity solutions. AIT provides its customers with highly automated contract manufacturing services which in turn allows the company to compete in the global marketplace while providing its customers with quality products through robust processes. 

And, all of that takes place right here in St. Cloud, MN.

Edge of the Industry

AIT was founded by Jason Smith, a St. Cloud, MN native with over 25 years of experience in the interconnect industry. In prior experience, he has served as Senior Director of Technology Development for AirBorn Inc. of Georgetown, Tx. At AirBorn Inc., he oversaw multi-year, multi-million dollar enterprise-scale product development programs including the company’s fastest-growing product line of interconnect serving the military defense industry. 

He directed a cross-functional product development team through the design and implementation of an industry-recognized, first-ever, space-rated, radiation-hardened active optical cable.  Jason also has over twenty years of experience leading automation and manufacturing engineering teams in developing custom automated manufacturing systems for the interconnect industry.

Smith said, “AIT is built on our leadership’s history in highly automated manufacturing processes and the ability to service customers second to none with a proven track record of world-class customer intimacy.  AIT’s executive team is highly driven with a proven track record of directing world-class engineering teams in developing cutting-edge products through design, R&D, manufacturing, testing, and implementation. Our leaders drive innovation in complex, high-demand manufacturing environments with the ability to ignite products that meet customer demands and lead market trends.”

“We have been incredibly blessed to have the support of our community from the very beginning of our business.”—Jason Smith, Founder & CEO, Advanced Interconnect Technologies


All Roads Lead Home

When asked about why Smith, an SCSU graduate, recognized St. Cloud as the home base for AIT’s operations in 2019, he said, “The Community. Central Minnesota is home and the people here are amazing. We have an amazing group of employees and our region is known for a great work ethic and family values. We have beautiful landscapes and waterscapes which give our employees a reason to stay in the area.”  

Smith considered the opportunities that await Central Minnesota-based businesses and the imperative behind creating an ecosystem built to support local commerce. “It’s important for the retention of our employees and the stability of our business that the communities we choose to build our facilities and business are vibrant and growing. This ensures a stable foundation of the community,” he said.

Smith continued, “It is exciting to see the community leaders [GSDC] have a vision for the future. This vision includes precision manufacturing and automation which perfectly align with the vision of AIT and our growth potential.”

Advanced Interconnect Technologies

Speaking of growth, Smith talked about AIT culture, stating “Central Minnesota people are loyal, hardworking, and driven.” 

He continued, “These attributes are ingrained in the very core of AIT and allow us to have the success we have had to date. [AIT] is a great place to work with a great work environment. We are a fast-paced, highly-technical manufacturer doing rewarding work. And, we have been incredibly blessed to have the support of our community from the very beginning of our business. It is only logical to support the community who has helped us get this company off the ground.”  

Interested in learning more about AIT career opportunities? Visit the AIT website for current openings.