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Changing Banking for Good

Capital One Invests in Central Minnesota

Capital One is a nationally recognized brand with thousands of employees around the globe, so it may be surprising to know just how much the company prides itself on ensuring each individual matters and feels seen, whether as an Associate or a Customer. It’s built the company culture around core values such as a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging, which is embodied in its internal business resource groups. Capital One also emphasizes personal and career development to ensure Associates are able to go as far as they want to go within Capital One right here in Central Minnesota. 

Simply put, culture is at the heartbeat of what Capital Ones does.

Capitalizing on Community  

Alyze Bagnal, located in Capital One’s St. Cloud location is a Sr. Project Manager on the Chief of Staff Team. She shared her team’s perspective on what being part of the greater Central Community means.

“We take great pride in being part of the St. Cloud area community because we believe deeply that it’s composed of the best people. We love how St. Cloud Shines takes a community-first, community-centered approach, which is exactly Capital One’s focus as well, to support, elevate and strengthen the communities it operates within. In supporting St. Cloud Shines as a sponsor, we saw an opportunity to further engage with the St. Cloud community and craft a partnership with a shared purpose of helping our community thrive.”

She continued, “We place great emphasis on being an integral part of this community. Community is something we strive to create and nurture within our workplace as well as something we embrace and elevate outside our doors. The opportunities the Central Minnesota area offers to engage with other businesses, non-profits, and people are exceptional.”

National Scale, Local Love

CaptCapital One values innovation, simplicity, and leveraging technology to craft a seamless experience for its customers, from top-rated products like the 360 Checking, innovative Café experience, an industry-leading mobile app, and dedicated Associates empowered to create an ideal Customer experience. 

Speaking of Cafés, St. Cloud is home to one of its own! Stop by anytime for a cup of Peet’s Coffee. Anyone is welcome, whether you’re a Capital One customer or not! Pull up a chair and chat with a friend, bring your banking questions to local friendly Ambassadors, and even use the onsite ATM to get cash, make deposits, or pay credit card balances.

Modern Banking for Modern Impact

Bagnal discussed Capital One’s vision for a modern banking experience.

She said, “On a national scale, we’re working to disrupt and revolutionize the industry. Capital One is a Top 10 national bank and works every day to bring ingenuity, simplicity, and humanity to banking. One of the most recent examples of that mission is our decision to eliminate the practice of overdraft fees (read more about it here).”

She continued, “As a large company, we leverage our scale and assets by supporting organizations such as Junior Achievement, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and Feeding Area Children Together, among others. These partners are deeply committed to providing opportunities to the future leaders of our community, so an investment in their work is an investment in our collective future. Capital One was founded on the belief that no one should be locked out of the financial system, a belief that gave rise to our mission to change banking for good and aligns us with philanthropic initiatives driving toward the same outcomes. In 2020, we launched the Capital One Impact Initiative, a $200 million commitment to support growth in underserved communities and propel socioeconomic mobility by closing gaps in equity and opportunity.”

The team at Capital One knows the surrounding community plays a critically important role in every aspect of their lives. Bagnal stated, “after all, our Associates are part of this community. We live and work here. Our children attend school here. We patronize local businesses, pay taxes, and vote here. Capital One is actively committed not only to the development and success of its own people in Central MN, but also to initiatives such as housing stabilization, bringing banking to underbanked populations, and supporting small businesses, all of which become a tide that lifts all ships.”

“Our Associates are part of this community. We live and work here.”

Eyes on the Horizon

Bagnal discussed the perspective Capital One has on its presence in Central Minnesota, saying, “we believe the sky’s the limit for the St. Cloud area community, and we’re so excited to be a part of its past, present, and future. As Central Minnesota continues to grow and progress, Capital One is excited to continue engaging and partnering within this community and extending that support to new organizations that take root here as well.”

The local company culture of Capital One is diverse and continues to produce new opportunities for team members to further their career paths without ever having to leave this tight-knit community they call home. Associates bring a wide array of life and career experience to the team. Opportunities within Capital One vary widely (they’re not all bankers here!) and while specific skills are key in many roles, there are many more in which Capital One is most interested in—including what the individual can bring to the table in terms of character and aptitude alike.

If you’re engaged and inclusive and take a collaborative approach to work, you have a solid foundation to build a thriving career with Capital One. (Click here to view all of the current opportunities.)


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