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Stearns Bank Strong

110 Years of Dedication to Central Minnesota

Stearns Bank N.A. is a full-service bank and a nationwide leader in commercial construction lending, USDA and SBA lending, and equipment financing. 

The company has grown into a strong nationwide financial institution, recognized as a Top Community Bank, consistently achieving year-over-year rankings as one of the top-performing banks in the nation. 

Based in Central Minnesota, where it was first chartered in 1912 as Stearns County State Bank, the company has expanded to multiple locations in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida, and has employees working remotely from 20+ states. 

The Stearns Bank culture, created and fostered by founder and Chairman Emeritus, the late Norm Skalicky, is based upon an elevated set of values that includes integrity and accountability, a sense of urgency, ambitious hard work, financial discipline, community and family values, trailblazing creativity, teamwork, and constant progress.

Igniting Community Spirit

There is something special about Central Minnesota—a seemingly unstoppable spirit of compassion and strength that brightens when helping one another. Stearns Bank is passionately committed to keeping that spirit strong through community involvement and by improving the lives of others. 

Just as Norm Skalicky inspired the culture of Stearns Bank, he similarly inspired the company’s longstanding tradition of igniting community spirit through the gifts of time, talent, and resources. On countless occasions, Norm stepped up to the plate for organizations in need and others rallied around him.

To encourage further community impact, employees at Stearns Bank have 32 hours of paid volunteer time each year. They share their time and talent in a variety of ways, supporting organizations and efforts, which they are personally passionate about.

Employees also give through voluntary payroll deductions and organization-wide fundraising and volunteering efforts to support important worthy causes, including Anna Marie’s Alliance, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and many more.

In 2021, Stearns Bank also began an important partnership with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) Project REACh to help reduce barriers that prevent full, equal, and fair participation in the nation’s economy. As a partner in the movement, Stearns Bank has pledged to support minority deposit institutions (MDIs), providing more banking services to the underbanked. 

World-Class Benefits Built for a World-Class Team

As a strong proponent of maintaining a strong work and life balance, Stearns Bank developed a world-class benefits package based on what employee owners truly wanted and needed. 

Notable benefits that support the wellness of employees, Stearns Bank offers exceptional medical and dental insurance plans, paid time off (PTO), paid sick time, paid parental leave, family care reimbursement, self-improvement reimbursement, and a recently added Telehealth option. 

Planning for the future is a top priority for the employees of Stearns Bank, which is why they are proud to participate in the 401(k) plan and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). One of the company’s best long-term incentives, the ESOP, comes at no cost to employees and grows with each participant’s years of service and the success of the Bank. 

Ranked in the top third on American Banker’s list of Best Banks to Work For, Stearns Bank has embraced every opportunity to create a positive, rewarding environment for its valued team. 

Opportunity awaits those in search of a rewarding, fast-paced career

Central Minnesota—a Great Place to Live and Work 

Being part of the Central Minnesota business community is an honor for Stearns Bank. With a longstanding history in the area, the company played a role in the growth and development taking place here every day.  

It’s an exciting place to live, work, and enjoy life. Quality education, expansive medical services, arts, entertainment, dining, retail, and grocery options and a strong transportation system are just some of the key amenities that make the area such a great fit for so many. 

And, while it has team members working remotely across the state and the country, Stearns Bank needn’t look far to find an abundance of talent. In a region where hard work, integrity, and accountability come naturally, the company is grateful to be surrounded by amazing people who do amazing things.  

“Minnesotans are traditionally humble, sometimes to a fault. It’s important that we shine a spotlight on Central MN to show others the vibrant culture, the strength, and the variety of businesses in the area,” said Rory Bidinger, Chief Marketing Officer for Stearns Bank. “Stearns Bank is proud of our heritage in Central MN, and it takes people and businesses to continue to build on the strong foundation to keep the area prosperous.”