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KPower Yoga

KPower Yoga

KPower Yoga - a studio that was started in 2019 by Kelsey Schultz and Meghann Teders, is equal parts yoga studio and fitness studio. They’re a bit different than your typical yoga studio, as they lean into physically challenging and “more powerful” styles of yoga. They also offer classes intended for restorative, breathing-focused, or flexibility practices, too - but the majority of classes focus on strength.

“Because we have this focus on building strength, we often have people coming to us from another fitness studio where they may have done some weight training or group fitness style classes. What they learn is different about us as our roots are still in yoga – setting an intention for practice, connecting your body to your breath, practicing non-judgment and self-love, and all those aspects of our practice that we often just bundle up as "the magic of yoga"... you don't understand it until you try,” shared Kelsey.

kpower yoga st cloudKelsey is not from central MN, but her husband is. “I came here to finish my Bachelor's degree at SCSU,  where I met John while working at the Red Carpet. We moved away for a while and decided to move back to the area in 2019 to raise our family here and grow our fitness business. While building Anytime Fitness Sartell, I had an opportunity to take on an additional suite next to the gym ... when I saw that space, I saw yoga. I became a big fan of hot, challenging yoga while living in the Twin Cities and was missing this living in Central MN.”

Meghann grew up in Foley and is the oldest of six kids. “I love my big, crazy family so much that I couldn't move too far away from them all! I have now lived in Sartell for 16 years, and I absolutely treasure the close relationships that my boys have with their grandparents and cousins.”

“Once I took that leap, KPower Yoga (KPY) started to take shape. I knew I wanted it to be a place that was welcoming to all, a place to come and feel challenged physically, while still finding mental escape and renewal. At first, I drew a lot of my inspiration from the studio I attended in the cities, but it began to grow and take shape as I found “my people” here. One of those people was Meghann, my Co-Owner. Meghann and I trained as instructors at the same location (but not at the same time) so I sought her out, took a class, and knew she was what I needed! Over time, she took on a bigger role and now is my partner in this business. Together, we have built this business and its culture, created new class styles, recruited and trained instructors, and created what KPY is today.” In addition to their regular classes, K Power also offers Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats. They’ll be leading trips to both Utah and Mexico in 2024.

While fitness was Kelsey’s passion early on, it wasn’t necessarily the same for Meghann. She worked as a Dental Hygienist for 15 years. “In 2014, after having my second son, I started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, and a few years later I received my 200-hour yoga certification. Over those few years, my love for weightlifting hasn't changed, however, yoga taught me something different. That there was so much more to fitness than a "physical" workout. I fell in love with everything that encompasses yoga! The challenge, as well as the rest. The effort, as much as the ease. The physical workout, as much as the mental. The balance of pushing yourself to be the best that you can be, while also loving yourself for exactly who you are in that moment. From the moment I found that balance in myself, I couldn't wait to share it with others. And as life sometimes works out... that is right about the same time that Kelsey stepped into my life and the rest is history. We've grown KPower Yoga together from the beginning and we couldn't be happier to see how our studios have reached our communities.”

kpower-26-1KPY has locations in Sartell and St. Joseph - and has immersed themselves in the Greater St. Cloud communities in several ways. “In St. Joe, we work with the many small businesses downtown for events, like Women's Day Event and Shop Small Crawl. In Sartell, we have worked with the schools to offer classes to Girls' Strength classes, with some local teams to offer yoga to young athletes, and with local businesses in co-promoting our like-minded services. In both locations, we love partnering with local non-profits to raise money or awareness. Some of those include Grey Face Rescue, Human Society, Phases Family Support, St. Cloud Pride, and many more. Last year my husband even walked down the runway in a Bra for Bras for a Cause for the Indy Foundation, haha!”

In 2023, KPY won Best of Central MN’s Best Fitness Studio award. Seeing the growth and flourishing of their business is a highlight Kelsey shared. “When we started, we honestly weren't sure yoga would take off since it didn't exist around here. But, now yoga has grown tremendously in this area and we love being a part of it. We have people from all walks of life coming to their mat, getting stronger, building their confidence, and just sharing in our energy here... it's awesome! This area is rich with entrepreneurs, creators, and community-minded businesses; we truly enjoy the people in this area. There is a definite small-town feel, but just big enough to have variety and new ideas coming through.”

If you’re new to yoga, KPY makes it easy to try. “We offer your first class free to remove barriers and invite everyone in. We know it can be scary to try something new or to doubt yourself, but all you can do is try! Who knows – maybe you love it here and end up getting stronger? Maybe you’ll be able to touch your toes for the first time? Maybe you’ll gain core strength and have less back pain? Maybe you’ll find a community and a space that feels like home?!”

To learn more about KPower Yoga and see class times and other information you can visit


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