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The Widows Peak Salon And Tattoo Parlor

Widows Peak Salon & Tattoo Parlor

Kitty Noir and Scotty Munster opened The Widows Peak Parlor in downtown St. Cloud in the fall of 2020. When you step in the door you’re transported into a true experience, immersed in a Victorian gothic atmosphere. In the parlor is a vast collection of vintage relics. Paired with their eye for composition and aesthetics make for a curated space that truly represents their interests.

“It’s always heartwarming when customers come in and immediately say, ‘Whoa, ok this feels like home.’ Some have asked what has inspired us to decorate this way, which seems so different for the St. Cloud area. This is how I have decorated and put things together for most of my life, it was a no-brainer to simply create a space of who we are.” says Kitty. “The gothic Victorian decor is the same at our house. We’ve always surrounded ourselves with what inspires us, I definitely think you can see that in my art,” shared Scotty.

“We’ve wanted to open a hair salon/ tattoo parlor for years, but the timing wasn’t right until 2020,” shared Kitty. “When the space we are in downtown St. Cloud became available, we made the leap! Aside from the look and vibe of our space, our studio is also unique in that we bring hair and tattoos together under one roof. Our clientele often end up taking advantage of both services we offer.”

Widows Peak Salon & Tattoo Parlor

“A great thing about our business thus far is how quickly the community has adopted us and filled our chairs with customers. They’ve recognized our talents and our dedication to being the very best we can be. We are very involved in creating and supporting a strong downtown experience. We stay involved in various downtown events like the art crawls, Halloween walks, and community events.”

And their commitment to the community combined with their talents has paid off. “In our first year of business, we were voted “Best of Central Minnesota” in the tattoo category and also “Top 3” in the Hair Salon category! Our customers are enthusiastic about the services we provide for them. We love the Central Minnesota community. It’s been fun getting involved with all the various happenings downtown. We are happy and proud that we’ve made a space that is very unique, and that has brought many people from out of town, and also out of state. These customers get to visit us, and receive services, but also get to experience many of the restaurants, and shops in downtown St. Cloud when they visit us.”

You can learn more about Widows Peak by following them on social media or stopping in. “We are confident that when you see our work and our incredibly unique space, you’ll want to be part of what we’ve got going on. We always encourage our community to just be their unique selves. We are all different, and we celebrate our unique differences at our parlor. We provide a safe space that is judgment-free for our customers, and we want to help them accomplish all of their hair and tattoo goals and ideas.”