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Buff Azz Nails

Buff Azz Nails, Nail Salon St. Cloud MN

Lexy Schneider grew up right here in Central Minnesota with her family, in Albany. Lexy served in the US Air Force Active Duty and Reserves, and it was in the Air Force she discovered her love for physical fitness. After serving our country, her experience and love of fitness led to her being a personal trainer. While working as a trainer, Lexy spent her free time creating unique nail art for herself, her sister, and their friends and soon found she had a great love and passion for it. So, she followed her new dream and went back to school to become a Nail Technician. In August 2022 she opened Buff Azz Nails - a one-on-one nail salon experience.

buff azz nails st cloud“I started Buff Azz Nails about a year ago … I thought of the name because it went along with my previous job, being a personal trainer, and as well as my new job!” shared Lexy. “I’m currently working with Pure Bliss Salon and Spa in St. Cloud to start my nail journey and work out of a salon space there. As I continue to learn and grow my business, I want to help give all women a boost of confidence with beautiful nails.”

“I'm always looking for new ideas and methods to create strong, beautiful nails. Not only do I do acrylic sets but I also work with gelx, builder gel, and hard gel so each client has what they like and feels great about their nails. Clients often send in their inspiration pictures and I try to recreate it for them. Because my sessions are one-on-one, we can get to know each other! I think of it as nail therapy – you can listen to music, relax, talk or not talk, whatever you need – as long as you feel comfortable and love your nails I’m happy.”

“It’s exciting to see my dreams become a reality. The process hasn’t been easy - especially building my business while caring for my daughter and going to school, but I know it’s worth it. Plus, I love that my daughter can now come to my salon room with me and enjoy nails and polishes just like me!” 

“To us as a family, it has been great to see Lexy make her dreams come true and start her own business,”  shared Lexy’s mom, Lori Schneider. “Starting a business and being a single, working mom is not easy. It has taken a lot of dedication, support, and strength. Lexy has a great support system right here in Central Minnesota, it’s fantastic to see. Every time someone reaches out or makes an appointment with her, it means so much to her - and that means so much to us. Referrals really are the biggest compliment. Also featuring her in this article just goes to show how much our community supports new businesses.” 

buff azz nails“It feels great to be part of Central Minnesota since I grew up here and now get to raise my daughter here,” Lexy said. “The small business owners I've met have been so supportive and helpful. I love being in this community now to grow, learn, and one day hopefully give advice to new business owners as well.”

There are many nail salons in the area, and Lexy is very aware of that. Lori (mom) shared again that “Buff Azz Nails isn’t like most in-and-out, quick work with whoever is available, basic walk-in service where you get at other salons that are open 18 hours a day. Lexy is the sole technician and works hard to individualize what she is doing and puts care and passion into each appointment.” 

Lexy explained, sharing “I’m a bit different in that I’m here for your nails - their health, growth, and beauty. The session is totally yours to do whatever you’d like, whether it’s a simple gel manicure or diamonds and designs on acrylic nails. Because it’s just us at the appointment, I can keep up with trends, try new things, and maintain a different level of cleanliness. I loved getting my nails done, and now I get to bring that joy to others in a space that’s safe, comfortable, and relaxing. Anytime they want to come back makes me feel so blessed.” You can see Lexy’s full list of services and book appointments at