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Coming to You (St. Cloud) LIVE: Forum Communications

St. Cloud Live

St. Cloud LIVE is a local news website launched in early February by Forum Communications Company, based in Fargo, ND. The company is a family-owned media company with a long tradition of supporting quality community journalism. The company spans four states and includes newspapers, websites, and TV stations; it also has commercial printing, marketing/agency services, and much more. Its mission is to connect and inform communities, and Forum Communications is proud to be serving St. Cloud and Central Minnesota.

New + Noteworthy

Mary Jo HotzlerMary Jo Hotzler is the Chief Content Officer for Forum Communications. She said, “Central Minnesota is active and vibrant; a great blending of urban and rural. Our company has been serving Central Minnesota for years in places like Brainerd, Alexandria, and Willmar. St. Cloud was a location that made so much sense geographically. Often people want to know what's happening in their community but what happens in their region and state also matters. We are in a position to share stories and photos with one another in this Central Minnesota region and that benefits everyone by having more news, more sports, and more variety.”

She continued, “Strong local media and a strong local economy go hand in hand. We are interested in seeing businesses in St. Cloud and the region thrive and we can be a partner to those businesses in their growth. Our industry relies on advertising and the support of businesses, both big and small. Mutual support and understanding between local media and local business is how we ensure our communities remain informed and engaged, which makes attracting new residents and new businesses an easier task. Workforce development is and will continue to be a critical issue in the region.”

The old adage it takes a village has never been more true than in regional sustainability and betterment. Hotzler agrees, stating, “Every person I've met is committed to the growth and betterment of the region. It's truly been inspiring to be part of, even though we are new to the scene. There's so much collaboration potential in Central Minnesota, especially when I think of greater St. Cloud and the way the communities work together and can build on the success of one another. When people are willing to work together and think big, the possibilities will be endless. It's exciting to be part of that.”

“When people are willing to work together and think big, the possibilities will be endless. It's exciting to be part of that.”—MaryJo Hotzler, Forum Communications


On Who to Hire

St. Cloud LIVE StaffForum Communications is in growth-mode and focused on extending its reach and presence in Central Minnesota. Hotzler said, “We want to hire people who are connected to the region, people who want to live here, people who know what's important when it comes to news, sports, and everything in between. Since our start, we have made seven new hires at St. Cloud LIVE, including one student from St. Cloud State University. Having the university in St. Cloud is a huge asset.

When asked what it’s been like to join regional development efforts as the relative “new kid” in town, Hotzler was quick to add, “St. Cloud Shines makes an effort to connect people—to ideas, to jobs, to activities and more. They also make a point to keep people informed. These are things we can definitely get behind because we value those things too.”

She continued, “We are here for the long haul and fully committed to being a trusted local news source. We already are talking about how and when to expand our print publication (St. Cloud Focus, currently a monthly publication) and we plan to be in growth mode in the years ahead.

Hotzler said Forum Communications loves hearing from people who live and work in St. Cloud. So, if you have a story idea or news tip, feel free to reach out: