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Palmer Printing

Palmer Printing, St. Cloud

Palmer Printing began as a family business over 50 years ago and continues strong. Steve Palmer was at the helm for 30+ years. Throughout its history, Palmer has provided printing and creative marketing services to clients in local, regional, national, and international markets. The company specializes in non-profit communications, creative sewing, financial, education, health, and manufacturing industries, along with various general business clients.

“It may sound cliché, but Palmer is more than a printer,” shared Account Manager Patty Tholen. “We are a partner, an extension of our clients’ teams. We understand the power of a brand. We know good design. We are strategic. Our team of account managers and project managers understand the importance of good client service. We take our role in creative design and production very seriously. We understand that we are representing our clients’ brands.”

“One of the more unique things about Palmer is the work in the creative sewing market. Twenty-five percent of the work Palmer does is bringing our clients’ creative designs to life in print. Our clients span the United States and internationally into Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Puerto Rico. Palmer is internationally known in this space as a partner for creative, production, marketing, fulfillment, and distribution.”

palmer printing st cloud mnOver the years, Palmer has been supportive of many philanthropic initiatives, from support of theatre and the arts to economic and business development, and collegiate events. “We understand the important interplay between business and community. It is the loyalty of many of our longtime clients like St. Johns & St. Bens, Coldspring, Catholic Charities, PrimeWest Health and so many more. We are a relationship company. It is never transactional. We want to understand our clients’ business, so we can do the very best job we can for them.”

Even companies as established as Palmer Printing are not immune to the challenges of the last few years and the uncertainty of growth and change. “Staffing has been a bigger challenge the last couple years. Employee recruitment is ongoing. The economic challenges and inflation have forced price increases in many industries, and ours is no exception. Communicating price increases is always difficult. Palmer has never positioned its business model on being the cheapest. Our expertise in marketing and design, and the value-added services we bring to the table is what really drives us.”

“The opportunity for growth and expansion into new markets continues to drive our business model. In 2020, POS Professional Office Services acquired Palmer Printing, allowing Palmer to be a part of a national company serving a diverse clientele and adding a major footprint in healthcare communications. Being part of a larger company has allowed for increased purchasing power, production redundancies, employee development, and more robust employee perks and benefits. This has really helped us weather a tough two years during the pandemic which was an unprecedented time of challenge with paper shortages and raw materials in the print world.”

Thankfully for the staff as well as customers, not much has changed after the 2020 acquisition. “It really feels like an extended family. Joining POS Professional Office Services has confirmed that we are an employer that takes care of its people. Customer satisfaction and making sure we are doing everything we can for our clients are at the heart of what we all do.”

“You can trust Palmer Printing. We want people to know that our clients are going to get nothing but the highest quality product. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure that every detail of orders is accounted for. It is also great when our clients can pay it forward by sharing a kind word with others about our work.”