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Toppan Merrill: The Fine Print

Don’t believe print is dead because at Toppan Merrill in Sartell, printing and distributing materials is big business and it continues to grow. In the past 12 months, to meet and prepare for continued print demand needs, Toppan Merrill invested $4.3 million in technology and will fill 50 open positions in Sartell. Toppan Merrill produces more than 125 million printed pieces annually.  

“We are very proud to be a Sartell business employer,” Mike Zimny, Senior Vice President of  Operations shared. “We currently have open positions we are eager to fill, and we continue to  expand at this location because of the outstanding quality of the people in this area who join our Toppan Merrill team.” 

You might already know the work Toppan Merrill produces if you have received a personalized health care plan member packet or an annual report from a publicly traded company. In addition to print and distribution, Toppan Merrill technology and thought leadership expertise supports businesses throughout their lifecycle from filing materials when becoming a publicly traded company (IPO) and ongoing quarterly earnings reports (investor relations) with complex XBRL  tagging, to printing and fulfilling for health plans and financial services companies.  

Toppan Merril St Cloud

Toppan Merrill has a 55+ year United States history, and nearly 30 years as a St. Cloud community business partner, opening the first regional facilities in 1994 as Merrill Corporation,  and in 2000 purchasing the current blue Sartell facility. Today, Toppan Merrill has three-shift print and distribution facilities in Sartell and Union, New Jersey, and business offices across the  United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India. 

It Comes Down to Quality

Toppan Merril MN“Toppan Merrill is an industry leader because of our people, and the high-quality products our teams produce with incredible accuracy,” said Zimny. “As a leader, we rely on our people and technology. With the new printers and equipment, we’ve added this year we are finding great  

efficiencies, and more importantly our employees can cross-train to run a variety of equipment,  which makes the workday more interesting!” 

One of Toppan Merrill’s biggest challenges is ensuring Central Minnesota communities know about the company and the employment opportunities available. Zimny, an avid outdoorsman  shared, “When you love the outdoors, you can’t beat living and working in Central Minnesota with the ability to be in a city with "in-town" amenities and live in a completely rural setting with  just a short commute to work.” He also believes the great preschool to grad school educational opportunities for families and close proximity to the St. Cloud Regional Airport, for business and personal travel, are added benefits. 

When the Sun Shines

“Most employees in Central Minnesota understand they need to make hay when the sun shines,” Zimny said. “Promoting Central Minnesota as a good place to live and to work makes it easier for our company to attract and retain talent. Our employees are by far our greatest asset in a highly competitive and fast-paced growth market. As a company, our technology is always 

improving and our location gives us some geographical advantage, but our employees are the  real difference against our competitors.” 

Toppan Merrill has a significant number of long-term employees, indicative of a strong, stable business and work environment. Employees enjoy a full benefits package and matching 401k.  Zimny concluded, “Toppan Merrill provides a clean, temperature-controlled, and friendly work environment with opportunities to advance within the organization. We would love to have you  join our team, where you will truly be considered our company’s most valuable asset.”  

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