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Emotion in Motion

Smash Room St. Cloud

Have you ever just wanted to smash something? Emotion in Motion in Sauk Rapids provides a healthy and safe outlet for people to let out their emotions with a ‘smash room’ for ages 10 and up. They also offer splatter painting for younger kids and the young at heart. If you’re unfamiliar with a smash room (also sometimes referred to as a rage room), it’s a space where people can go and vent or release their emotions by destroying objects.

“We provide a healthy and safe outlet for people to let out their emotions,” shared Leah Beack, Founder. “There isn’t anything like this in Central Minnesota, there are similar spaces in the state, but you’d have to drive a while to get to them. Our brick-and-mortar location has a large party room where we can host groups of up to 30 people!”

Emotion in Motion St. Cloud“In addition to our smash room, we have a mobile splatter painting tent we take on the road during the warm months. We set up at fairs and other festivals, and can also come to your backyard or business parking lot. We print large canvases with either the birthday person’s name or the logo of the business, and everyone contributes to the canvas and each person gets a small canvas to take home with them. It’s kind of like a color run, without the cardio.”

While Emotion in Motion is a popular spot for a fun night out - whether it’s for friends and family, a date, or a workgroup, there are a variety of reasons people visit their space. “We did not anticipate the need for people who have experienced trauma to use our experience as a way to process that trauma. It can be difficult to witness these sessions, but we’re so happy to be able to provide this outlet for our communities.”

“We’re starting to partner more locally; we’ve had a lot of teachers and non-profits come into the space. This was our 2nd year partnering with SCCTC during their Disability Visibility Week in October, which was a great experience. We hope to provide the experience to the groups and individuals who need us the most. Yes, we are still in our infancy stage – but stay tuned! Central Minnesota is an amazing place to have a small business - the support is strong, and we are grateful.

If you’re wondering what exactly you’ll be smashing – well, you can decide. “When you book, you are welcome to bring your own items to smash, although we have plenty of breakables available. We’re always accepting donations if you have items you just want to get rid of. We allow you as much time as you need, but it is physically exhausting, so most sessions last around 45 minutes.”

To learn more about Emotion in Motion or book some time, visit their website at