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Built to Last: K Johnson Construction

K Johnson St. Cloud MN

Kevin Johnson founded K Johnson Construction in 1987. The company started out in small residential concrete and masonry work with just two employees. Today, K Johnson Construction of Sauk Rapids primarily works on large commercial, industrial, healthcare, and public projects with over 40 employees. 

Along the way, Kevin has started multiple other businesses in the St. Cloud area, including Minnesota Concrete Products (Sauk Rapids), as well as 539 Properties and Iron Street Distillery on St. Cloud’s East Side. For its efforts in growth, community support, and employment opportunities, K Johnson Construction was named Small Business of the Year in 2017 by the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce

Constructing Change

K Johnson St. CloudKevin is acting President and CEO and Erik Johnson is Vice President. Together, the father-son duo commented on K Johnson Construction’s past, and the direction the Central Minnesota community is headed. “K Johnson has strived to be a leader and innovator in the construction industry. Whether it’s the latest tools, processes, or branching out to other lines of work, embracing innovation and change is an important part of any business especially—during economic slowdowns,” Kevin said. 

He continued, “The St Cloud area is a growing, thriving community in what still feels like Small Town, USA. K Johnson has developed a lot of good business relationships with various clients and it is always fun to drive past the many projects we have built over the years for these businesses.” Notable area projects include Sartell-St. Stephen High School (a three-year, 300,00 sq. foot project that took 52,000 job hours for masonry and concrete work alone!), The Clearing in Sauk Rapids, the St. Cloud YMCA, and the Church of St. Mary’s in Melrose.

On Calling Central Minnesota Home

“K Johnson Construction has, and always will, be dedicated to the St. Cloud area community. We value the partnerships with long-standing area customers and look forward to continuing our reach for years to come. We strive to live and work locally. We support the St. Cloud Shines co-operative to further advance and continue to build up St. Cloud to more than just a place where people live, but to a community where all can prosper." Kevin said. 

K Johnson Construction St. Cloud

He continued, “We fully expect the St. Cloud area to continue to grow and flourish. We are a short drive from the Twin Cities Metro Area and we've continued to see new, and existing businesses in the Greater St. Cloud area expand their operations here locally. Though there is plenty of untapped real estate, the market is ripe for expansion in the area.”

With that predicted growth comes the need for fortification in the workforce to meet expectations. Erik discussed the talent K Johnson looks for when expanding their team to meet evolving client needs. He said, “We look for individuals who are willing and able to learn, work hard, and be team players. Construction is a hard line of business to be in, but the attributes and skills are carried through for a lifetime.”

For more insight into career opportunities at K Johnson Construction, visit its Careers page