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Banking Made (Minnesota) Nice & Simple: Deerwood Bank

Deerwood Bank, St. Cloud MN

From the days of early Northern Minnesota settlement comes a modern take on financial partnership in the form of Deerwood Bank, established in 1910 in the eponymous city east of Brainerd. Deerwood Bank has grown from a small community bank in Minnesota to a trusted institution known for its personalized service. Throughout its 113 years in business, the bank expanded its reach across the state, providing tailored financial solutions to consumers and businesses. Deerwood Bank has expanded to currently hold 12 branch locations throughout Minnesota, with Sartell and Waite Park being among them.

Deerwood Bank's success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to its customers. With a focus on exceptional customer service and a deep understanding of the local economy, the bank has earned a reputation for being a trusted partner for individuals, families, and businesses alike. Beyond its financial services, Deerwood Bank has consistently demonstrated its dedication to community development through its volunteer efforts, sponsorships, and donations.

The Backbone of Business

Deerwood Bank HistoryDeerwood Bank recognizes the significance of a stable local economy for the well-being of businesses and individuals. Deerwood strives to support economic stability by providing financial services, loans, and expertise to the entire community.

Mike Markman is the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. He spoke about the brand’s footprint and role in this community. “One of the greatest and most exciting aspects of having a business in Central Minnesota is the region's strong and supportive business community. Central Minnesota offers a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem with a diverse range of industries. One of the things that Deerwood Bank is super excited about is the opportunity to support and foster the growth of local businesses.”

Markman continued, “We are committed to fostering opportunities for businesses in Central Minnesota. The bank understands that thriving businesses are the backbone of Central Minnesota, driving job creation and community development. Deerwood Bank actively supports entrepreneurs and businesses by providing tailored financial solutions, such as business loans, lines of credit, and cash management services. The bank is invested in the overall development and well-being of Central Minnesota, supporting initiatives that contribute to this region's growth.”

When asked to reflect on the region’s trajectory, Markman mentioned Deerwood Bank’s excitement about the future of Central Minnesota's growth and progression, providing several reasons. He said, “Firstly, the region is experiencing economic diversification, creating opportunities to serve a broader range of businesses. Secondly, the entrepreneurial spirit in Central Minnesota is strong, providing a fertile ground for the bank to support startups and small businesses. Thirdly, infrastructure development, including transportation and connectivity, enhances the business environment. Additionally, the skilled workforce and collaborative networks in the region will continue to contribute to its growth.”

The Human Factor

The people of Central Minnesota possess a strong work ethic, community focus, adaptability, relationship-building skills, and integrity—all of which align perfectly with the bank's employee culture. Workers with these qualities will help us continue our commitment to serving customers and making a positive impact in the community.

Markman added, “The decision [to support St. Cloud Shines efforts] made sense to our organization because starting the relationship with St. Cloud Shines and the Greater St. Cloud Development Corp. will allow us to contribute to economic development, facilitate business expansion, establish networking opportunities, engage with the community, and have a voice in advocating for the region's interests. By aligning with these GSDC-based efforts, Deerwood can actively participate in the growth of the community while strengthening its reputation and building valuable relationships.”

Deerwood Bank Staff

Nice and Simple—More Mantra Than Tagline

Aren’t all banks … just banks?

That’s not how Deerwood Bank has ever operated. Its storied history and legacy spanning a century is further proof.

Jed Rusk is Deerwood Bank’s Director of Marketing and Communications. He said, “I'd like to share the reasoning behind our tagline, Nice and Simple. We strongly believe that banking should be Nice and Simple. Nice is how we treat people—our community, customers, and team. Simple is how we offer banking—products and services that are easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to access. We look forward to showing the Central Minnesota community what Nice and Simple Banking is all about in the years ahead.”

To learn more about Deerwood Bank career opportunities, visit its Team page for more information.

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