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Hanging Out a New Shingle

Bradbury Stamm Construction is the ‘New Old’ Builder. Bradbury Stamm Construction (BSC) has a long, established history and reputation in the St. Cloud area. However, it hasn’t always been under the Bradbury Stamm flag. Bradbury Stamm as it is now was formerly Winkelman Building Corporation (WBC). WBC was founded in 1969 by Don Winkelman. He immediately brought on Duane Schultz who would go on to purchase the company along with Keith Schupp in 1982. Schupp and Schultz would work to establish WBC as a premier general contractor/construction management firm in the area.

Having had the opportunity to partner with and construct many of the businesses that make up the St. Cloud business landscape today, the company earned the opportunity in early 2017 through a familial relationship with Bradbury Stamm for the merger and later that year WBC, officially began to operate as BSC and kicked off the next chapter of its legacy.

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The Human Investment

John Waletzko is the President of BSC. He mentioned that one of the most exciting aspects of operating a business in the Central Minnesota region is the diversity of industries that BSC has the opportunity to serve. He said, “This diverse business landscape helps to continuously bring new opportunities for growth and expansion and re-invention to all the sectors in our area.”

“This diverse business landscape helps to continuously
bring new opportunities for growth and expansion
and re-inventionto all the sectors in our area.”
—John Waletzko, President of Bradbury Stamm Construction

He continued, “When I think about the aspects of business that are essential to stability, opportunity, and growth, I think it really boils down to the people within the business and the area. The availability of qualified people in an area will enable businesses to feel comfortable about their ability to maintain and grow their workforce in order to successfully take on new projects and ventures. Businesses that are taking on new projects and ventures will need to continue to invest in people and products to meet the needs of their new ventures.

“This investment will lead to increased economic stability as the ripples of that business’s growth are felt through its supporting businesses and community. This domino effect cannot be initiated, however, without the availability of qualified people to kick start it,” Waletzko said.

Hometown Initiative

Screenshot 2023-06-13 at 10.44.35 AMWaletzko talked about growth, a direction the company has always focused on. He said, “What I look forward to and am emboldened by in Central Minnesota's promise of growth is the continuing recognition of the area by outside industry partners. It’s exciting to see our area be selected and invested in by those who have knowledge of and survey a wide area when making their decisions. For them to then ultimately decide that our area holds the best chance of success for their next venture and place their investment here is very promising. I perceive this kind of recognition coupled with our continued homegrown initiatives to be an excellent one-two punch that will continue to carry the St. Cloud area into the future.”

Jay Vogel is BSC’s Executive Vice President. He added to the conversation key components of a thriving community and commerce, stating “The attributes of the Central Minnesota community that are most important to BSC is the sense of belonging and identity to the area. We understand that we’ve had the opportunity to operate in this area for as long as we have by being committed to helping our area prosper and being proud of those efforts. That same mentality runs true through much of our community and in turn, we are thrilled when we can bolster the fabric of our company by adding others from our area with this mindset.”

Mission Alignment

Waletzko concluded by saying, “Bradbury Stamm Construction is a locally operated and community-focused business partner that strives to help build and grow our area through partnerships that continue to expand every sector that makes up our community whether it be retail, housing, manufacturing, education, institutional or office space we relish the opportunity to take part in bringing to fruition all the different aspects that make St. Cloud great.

He continued, “St. Cloud Shines seeks to promote and enable growth in the St. Cloud area. This mission is extremely aligned with BSC and our mission as a St. Cloud-based community partner. This alignment makes it an obvious choice for BSC to support the efforts of St. Cloud Shines and to help promote the story that we already know. That is—St. Cloud is a great place to operate a business, grow a family, and have a "shining" future to look forward to.”